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04 Feb 2012

Johannesburg, 2012 Webmatics announced that it has deployed its commercial dedicated cellular messaging portal Cellmatics. Speaking at the launch event in Johannesburg this week, Managing Director Trudi Oelofsen said the dedicated messaging portal under the brandname Cellmatics was launched to address the dedicated needs of our users who wanted a dedicated messaging platform. Oelofsen stated that initially the portal address the needs of users looking for a Text messaging portal but this would be expanded to address EMS and MMS messaging within the next few months. She added, "We are very excited with this product" and expect to receive a high uptake from the market.

02 Jun 2008

Johannesburg, June 2008 Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) has announced that it has deployed its commercial WiMAX network. Speaking at the launch event at the Saxon hotel, in Johannesburg this week, WBS group CEO Thami Mtshali said WBS was launching the network on a three-month trial basis before it engages in a full-scale commercial roll-out in August. The delay in a full-scale launch is due to some technical issues that still need to be ironed out, he said. WBS's WiMax network is currently made up of 120 base stations and was build by Vodacom. The network provides coverage in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal, but coverage is expected to grow over time, he said. This deployment makes WBS the third local operator to offer commercial WiMax services but the first in the country to offer the advanced 802.16e WiMAX standard. Telkom launched its WiMax service as an ADSL alternative last year and Neotel announced the availability of WiMax solutions for its enterprise customers last week. However both Telkom and Neotel have stuck to the 802.16d standard which only offers fixed mobile broadband services. Trudi Oelofsen, the managing director of Webmatics says that this is exciting times for the local broadband industry. The 3G standard which Vodacom and MTN have deployed was designed in 1999 when the standards were ratified by the GSMA association. WiMAX built on 802.16e is a standard that was ratified in 2005. This effectively means it has taken only 3 years to get from the research labs and into the market. This is exceptionally quick. Webmatics has been testing WiMAX 802.16e commercial offerings and hopes to be able to bring a product to market as soon as commercial launch is achieved by the network operators.

02 Jun 2008
South Africa’s Broadband Growth Accelerates

Johannesburg, South Africa June 2008 Broadband Growth continues to accelerate into 2008. Managing Director for Webmatics, Trudi Oelofsen said that in 2007 we saw some aggressive price cuts in the local broadband space since the launch of ADSL in 2002, and this has sparked a significant increase in the uptake of these services. The early adopters of ADSL were first corporate customers but with the availability of ADSL in a greater number of Telkom exchanges and the reductions in pricing we have seen the uptake start to occur with corporate customers. ADSL still leads the broadband race with around 400 000 connections country wide. Telkom announced earlier this year that it saw an ADSL growth of over 50% for the year up to March 31 2008. However Trudi Oelofsen notes that the cellular operators wireless high speed offerings are closing the gap on the fixed line broadband offering with very strong growth over the last year. Vodacom has more than 300 000 3G/HSDPA subscribers with a growth rate that exceeds that of Telkom’s ADSL service. Over the last year Vodacom their 3G/HSDPA subscriber base from 38 000 to 139 000, representing a yearly growth of 366%. It is currently signing up over 15 000 new customers a month. iBurst and MTN have also shown strong growth. iBurst have added thousands of new users since the beginning of the year, and currently sit at 45 000 subscribers. While MTN does not release official figures regarding their broadband subscriber numbers, it is widely accepted that they have tens-of-thousands of 3G/HSDPA users.<br><br> Sentech have also not released any figures in the recent years, but according to sources the uptake of their MyWireless service has ground to a halt due to a lack of coverage and marketing. The total number of broadband connections in South Africa is currently around 600 000 – 700 000. This figure however excludes Wireless Internet Service Providers, which according to unconfirmed reports provide broadband to around 30 000 South Africans.

01 Apr 2008

Johannesburg, South Africa <br> 1st April 2008<br> <br> Webmatics today launched their new online consumer portal which offers a one stop ICT shop for consumers, small medium enterprises and corporates. At the launch the Managing Director of Webmatics Ms. Trudi Oelofsen said “We really proud to be able to contribute to the South African ICT sector. We’ve brought an innovative proposition to market at an affordable cost that will allows consumers, small medium enterprises and corporates to access the best products from the South African ICT sector. <br> <br> We’ve created a solution based on the best of breed products and allowed the consumer the ability to choose the products that meet their requirements and fit their pocket. The ICT sector is fundamental in growing any business. The better the communication technology behind that business the more efficient we become.<br> <br> ABOUT: Webmatics was formed to provide Total Information and Communciation Solutions for our customers across Sub Saharan Africa. Webmatics is active in the fields of Wireless Communication Technologies including WiMAX, HSDPA, EVDO, CDMA and GSM and in the latest fixed access technologies including Fibre and ADSL. Webmatics aim is to provide unified communication solution to our customers using best of breed technologies.

For more info, please email us at : sales@webmatics.co.za

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