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iBurst is a Wireless Access medium that provides the user with a broadband connection to iBURST’s data network.
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About Us

Webmatics was launched to provide full turnkey ICT solutions to small and medium enterprises, delivering a world class experience using best of breed technologies. Webmatics is run by a team of highly skilled and specialised ICT engineers. We focus on delivering world class ICT products to enable you to focus on your core personal or business activities.

All of our Research and Development and the partners that we have selected is dedicated to providing you with the tools to make you and your business successful. We thrive in an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself. With innovations in technology, products, east of use, customer service and a passion to deliver the company continues to stay ahead of the competition.

Webmatics employees take pride in offering the best 24 hour a day, customer-oriented support in the industry. Everyday businesses (Including some Fortune 500 companies) trust Webmatics with their web presence, reinforcing the Webmatics tradition of industry-leading customer service, top-notch network reliability, unsurpassed prices, and innovative services.

The Webmatics business model emphasises service to end consumers, small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to focus on their core competencies whilst WEBMATICS handles the technical complexities behind the scenes.

Webmatics mission is to provides world class solutions including 3G, ADSL, Dial-Up, Domain Name Registration, Email, Fax 2 Email, HSDPA, WEB and WAP site design, Web Site Hosting and SMS solutions for personal, SME’s and corporations. We provide Premium Products, Top Quality Designs and a Service second to none at Competitive Prices.

For more info, please email us at : sales@webmatics.co.za

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